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Pile Fabrics

Traditionally our company always used to import pile fabrics. Recently we have started producing Woven Velvet Fabrics and Knitted Pile Fabrics.

Velvet Fabrics and Fake Fur Fabrics

Established in the year 2000, we are a 3rd Generation Family Business. We have been consistently adding different varieties to our vast range of pile fabrics since then. We supply velvet fabrics for garments, home furnishings, theater curtains, packaging, etc. 5 Years back we stepped in the faux fur line and started imports from China among other countries.

Amongst woven fabrics, we are mainly supplying fabrics made on shuttle looms with a “W” pile locking and Gusken weave for premium garments and embroidery. Amongst knitted fabrics, we are mainly doing circular knitted fabrics because of their price point and quick supply ability.

Our office-shop is located near the traditional and famous cloth market area of Kalbadevi. Close to the Mangaldas market which houses the oldest fabric traders that arrived in Mumbai.

Our warehouse is located in the textile town, Bhiwandi, about 30 kms away. Our marketing presence has been felt in the local India market.


Our Mission is to provide those fabrics which have still not been introduced in the local market. So, our customers would always be at a first mover advantage. We want to be our customers’ favourite supplier. To deliver quality on time and as specified.


Our Vision is to Make In India as dreamt by our Hon. Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi. Now, we believe in developing our infrastructure, skill and knowledge. Also by working on exclusive fabrics, we want to develop customer taste. In future, we definitely plan to go for, end to end manufacturing and even exports, to bring India to the forefront of the Textile Sector.

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